Traffic-light signaling equipment remote monitoring and control system (ECC)

Improving the transport system and infrastructure development and modernization is inseparable Successful urban development, economic and social guarantor. UAB traffic management system on the market presents the information technology and intelligent transport Systems ( ITS) on the basis of traffic signal generated alarm equipment remote monitoring and management system ( hereinafter - ECC ) , enabling responsible for maintenance of traffic lights companies , institutions control and manage traffic-light signaling equipment systems improving traffic conditions in cities and considerably reducing traffic-light signaling equipment maintenance and servicing costs.
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Founded in 2005 in Lithuania, full private company “Eismo valdymo sistemos”
(traffic operating systems) currently is company that offers complex urban infrastructure and
transport management solutions. “Eismo valdymo sistemos”
is working with its clients to create a friendly and safety  environment for people and business.

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