UAB “Eismo Valdymo Sistemos” main purpose is to provide quality products and services to ensure that the customer’s orders are finished in a timely fashion, to take all possible steps to prevent accidents and sickness at work, to determine the aspects of the ever-changing environment which are influenced by the company’s activities, comply with related legal requirements and constantly lessen the negative impact on the environment through pollution, disease and injury prevention as well as adequate health and safety for workers by dedicating appropriate financial, human and technological resources.

In order to achieve the objective there has to be continuous improvement of the company’s integrated management system, according to LST EN ISO 9001:2015, LST EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standard requirements, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated management system, as well as deploy examples of good practice. 

The company’s other objectives:

  • Develop, deploy and maintain high quality, innovative city infrastructure and transport solutions, improve technological processes of products;
  • Raise employees’ professionalism;
  • Ensure safe and harmless working conditions to the employees;
  • Be an example of a socially responsible company to the public and other organizations;
  • Conserve natural resources;

The company’s operating principles:

  • Maintain long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, meet customers' expectations and trust as well as customers and other interested parties’ requirements for  environmental protection, quality, occupational safety and health;
  • Work planning, work process and product quality control;
  • Thoroughly investigate the market and customer needs;
  • Each employee within their competence are responsible for the quality of the work and its improvement;
  • Minimal control, the maximum self-control - trust in employees by giving them responsibilities and powers to assess their efforts and performance, encourage employee creativity, thinking, responsibility for the work;
  • Establishment of workers personal objectives, taking into account the performance and market and client needs;
  • In due time, these policies and objectives are assessed by improving the integrated management system.

The company’s management assumes responsibility for the policy to be understood and carried out by all of the employees as well as those working on behalf of the company and is freely available to workers, the public and interested parties.

About us

Founded in 2005 in Lithuania, full private company “Eismo valdymo sistemos”
(traffic operating systems) currently is company that offers complex urban infrastructure and
transport management solutions. “Eismo valdymo sistemos”
is working with its clients to create a friendly and safety  environment for people and business.

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UAB "Eismo valdymo sistemos" 
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