We provide traffic control systems (traffic lights, traffic lights centralized management and monitoring system, road signs); traffic safety assurance systems (road guardrails, signaling columns, safety-islands, speed bumps, traffic mirrors, wheel batter); lighting systems (streets, pedestrian crossings, directional, hiking trails, parks, lighting, alternative solar and wind energy efficient lighting); parking systems; Traffic monitoring systems (speed limit control, the insured signal capture violators, vehicle identification, video) installation and maintenance; roads, streets, car parks, gated community of horizontal and vertical labeling services.

About us

Founded in 2005 in Lithuania, full private company “Eismo valdymo sistemos”
(traffic operating systems) currently is company that offers complex urban infrastructure and
transport management solutions. “Eismo valdymo sistemos”
is working with its clients to create a friendly and safety  environment for people and business.

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UAB "Eismo valdymo sistemos" 
Company code: 300504882
PVM buyer code: LT100002229116
Registration address: V.Alanto st. 33,
LT-36249 Panevėžys


Office and correspondence address: 
J.Janonio st. 1, LT-35101 
Tel./faks.: 8 45 440420, e-mail: